The Internet is the public's main source of information

for both business and personal issues. In order to increase productivity and ultimatly profits, competitive, aggressive businesses must use the Internet. Business managers may have no idea of where to go for help in designing and establishing their website. ADA Consulting Group can answer your many questions and help make your site successful. Established in 1995, we have made it a point to stay on top of our customers' ever-changing needs.

ADA provides a wide-range of Internet consulting services

Including search engine optimazation & submission, Internet publicity and promotion, web site conception and development, web site management, domain selection, and general Internet training. Our goal has been to commit ourselves to giving our clients the satisfaction they deserve in this high technology market.

The key to a successful web site is promotion!

ADA Consulting Group will help you promote your website using a variety of different methods. We can provide the extras, such as site and internet search engines, mailing lists, and much more which add to a site's functionality and make it more interactive for your visitors. We also offer a search engine submission service, which will increase the traffic your site receives from the various search engines. With the explosive growth of the Internet, there is an ever growing medium for advertising.


With today's advancements in faster connectivity to the internet, steaming video on web sites is becoming more commonplace. Regardless of your business, anyone can gain immediate benefits by adding video to their site.

By including video on your website, you can:

Attract more visitors to your website
Achieve higher repeat visits
Generate more sales
Demonstrate products and services
Contact us to see just how easy it is to put video on your site.

Have a website built already, but need the expertise to actually make it interactive?

We install Bulletin Boards, Shopping Carts, Databases, Interactive Forms, and anything else you might need to complete your website. Our programming team consists of highly skilled and experienced programmers, each programmer having years of professional experience.