ADA Consulting Group

Our approach can be summarized by looking closely at our processes. We invest a lot of time keeping up to date on what the most effective Internet Marketing companies are doing to create successful revenue producing programs.

We believe in doing a lot of "homework" when it comes to uncovering the key components found in our client's Internet Marketing activities. The traditional Discover Phase is taken very seriously. We do a lot of investigative analysis and reporting before we ever make recommendations.

Once we have collected the appropriate amount of background information on the client's market, competitors, and website condition, budget, goals, etc., we create a joint action plan that itemizes the client's involvement as well as our own in the project plan activities.

We measure and evaluate each step of our initial and ongoing work. Assessing the results and making modifications to our techniques and processes is a specific part of our approach. Each of the deliverables are identified and verified during and at the end of a project.

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