Who are these guys and gals, and how did they learn how to build such amazing websites?

  • Well, we're a small team with a huge, ginormous cup of coffee - and we have been since 1994! After designing and developing thousands of web sites world wide, you've gotta believe that we know what we're doing. When it comes to the web, you can bet we've seen it, heard it and done most all of it. We're not a one-man outfit that promises the world and falls short on delivery, (like a lot of other options that may be out there). We're a carefully constructed and closely-knit team of fanatical graphic designers, web designers, project managers, web developers, e-commerce experts, SEO/Social Media gurus, copywriters and custom php programmers. We've got someone on our team that can fit into every virtual nano-nook of the web design and production process. Go ahead, throw it at us; we'll catch it, make it look prettier, make it work better and then throw it back at you curve-style.

Yeah, but who are you really, and who does what?

David Ricci is our Senior Web Producer, Developer & Drupal/Joomla specialist.
He oversees all of our projects, handles the majority of the design work, and shares the project management duties. He verifies all of our custom website designs are clean and search-engine-friendly. He also implements all of our customized Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress websites and blogs, with custom design themes. He's also gotten really good and taking out the trash and showing everyone else how to use the espresso machine correctly. (If you leave the grinds in the portafilter or have big bubbles in your steamed milk, you're in for it.). In his spare time he enjoys Karate & Jiu Jitsu (he is a current 2012 Colorado Karate Association State Champion in sparring), and obsesses about the SF 49ers & Giants.

Amanda Amerson is our office manager.
She shares the project management duties, does almost all of our client trainings, regular site maintenance and also keeps our books nice and tidy. She might even bust out an entire website from top to bottom once in a while and not tell anyone about it. Many of our clients prefer only to speak to her, and gets told she has a nice phone voice on a regular basis. She can be found shredding all our old papers and junk mail to take home and use as chicken shavings on her farm back at the house, where, when not in the office, she's growing 8 foot tall tomato plants and other awe-inspiring vegetables.

Ashley White is one of our project managers and designers.
You know all those little rush updates and changes to websites that a company like us gets on a daily basis? Well, Ashley helps us out with a lot of those to make sure all of our client's websites reflect the most up-to-date information possible. She does text edits, image creation and also handles any general overflow and odd-ball tasks that may come up. But that's not all, she shares project management responsibilites as well as design and production of full website projects. When she isn't dotting t's and crossing i's, she's batting down constant requests for her to run for mayor, getting more dogs and having a frosty beverage or two.

Alvin Yosiff is our backend web programmer.
Once we're done with all of the planning, design and html production, Alvin steps in to do most all of the backend work. He builds each our custom content management systems (CMS) from scratch, custom-tailored for every site that needs it. He also handles all of our heavy php/database programming, javascript work, general daily maintenance and other stuff that is only possible if you are a complete nerd, with a name like Alvin, and little-to-no social skills to boot. When not working, (which is very rare), he spends time with his family and we'd like to think that he even might sleep on occasion?

Robert Morris is our store developer.
Also known as "Bob the Store Guy," he handles virtually all of our e-commerce shopping cart work. He codes layouts as necessary, and beatifully integrates our custom site designs into living, breathing online stores. He helps answer a lot of our dumb questions, and he regularly tells us when we are doing something wrong. Even when he doesn't understand why a client would want a store to work in a way that is against his better judgement, he does it for us anyway! When not working, he can be found at a chain restaurant near you or watching bad TV.

Christine Schmitt is our search engine optimization (SEO) specialist.
She offers SEO strategies and expert consulting to help our clients get higher rankings in search engines. Keyword analysis: yep. Backlinking: yep. Robust reporting: yep. All around awesomnese and helpfulness: double yep. We pride ourselves on building extrememly search-engine-friendly websites, but there's a lot more to good SEO then just having a well-coded website. Christine's going to help you navigate the ever-changing world that is SEO, and will ensure you're picking the most effective battles. She can be seen regularly at all of those business marketing conventions and seminars you'll never have the time to go to, soaking in every detail to find the best ways to give our clients the edge.